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PANCAS is an extremely low SWAP (size, weight and power) sensor that provides 360 degrees of situational awareness around an airborne UAS. Requiring only a few watts of power, an array of extremely sensitive PANCAS microphones are attached to the leading edge of the wing. Patented wind and engine noise reduction technology on the UAS enable hearing the blade passing frequencies of manned aircraft propellers and engine noises many kilometers away, much further than the human ear is able to hear. Advanced algorithms using beam forming track nearby aircraft, determine if any pose a collision threat and if so, warns the UAS pilot or commands an evasive maneuver to remain well clear.

In their 2018 Pathfinder report, the FAA identified PANCAS™ as the first non-cooperative aircraft sensor that satisfies emerging DAA requirements. PANCAS was also independently tested by the U.S. Airforce Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base which included dozens of actual collision scenarios with ultralights, Cessna’s, Beechcraft, commercial and military helicopters and tactical jet aircraft. To read about PANCAS™ in the FAA Pathfinder Focus Area 2, Phase 3 report (page 7 (item 3) and page 38, last full paragraph), please go to faapathfinderreport.com

SARA has been developing Drone aero-acoustic applications for over 20 years.

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