Scientific Applications & Research Associates 
(SARA), Inc.

Our Products

SARA, Inc. Creates Custom Solutions to Complex Problems for the Defense and Homeland Security Industry.

Over the course of 35+ years equipping America’s defenders and providers, Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA), Inc. discovered that many existing tools and components do not meet the special requirements of our most exacting customers – so we’ve designed and produced customized solutions for them, and we are pleased to offer them to you too. We offer a variety of remarkable Measurement and Analysis Systems, Pulsers, and top-performing RF Shielding solutions that are available from our inventory or modified and customized to meet your specific needs. 

Our Artificial Perception and Threat Awareness (APTA) Group provides compact, low-cost, cutting-edge Sense & Warn solutions for your application. Developed in concert with leading-edge government agencies and major defense prime contractors, SARA’s APTA technologies are demonstrated on front line US systems. Whether in the air or on the ground, whether moving, stationary, or fixed, SARA’s APTA solutions are ready for integration with your system to solve your most challenging mission needs.

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Solutions and Capabilities

SARA’s team of engineers and scientists innovate cutting-edge solutions for our defenders and providers at home and abroad.

We specialize in directed or detected wave energy from EMP and ELF to laser light, HPM and sound. Our technologists harness electromagnetism, plasmas, acoustics, electronics, and processing to build practical applications for force protection, renewable energy, UAVs, small robotics, and special test challenges. We pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to create effective and proven solutions to real world problems.

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Our Services

Our HEMP and RF Testing Services Group assesses vulnerabilities, suggests mitigations, offers hardware solutions, and can verify or certify the resulting protection that you need. 

SARA has broad RF/EMP engineering capabilities for C4I facilities, aircraft, and ships. SARA’s EM engineers, physicists, and technicians provide innovative solutions for RF/EMP shielding applications, as well as extensive testing capabilities to verify proper adherence to military standards. Our testing services are the most comprehensive in the industry - fast, accurate, and cost effective. With the ability to deploy equipment and personnel anywhere in the world (within US ITAR restrictions), our testing team can provide HEMP compliance testing and analysis in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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