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RF Shielded Doors and Cabinets

As a global leader in HEMP protection with unique expertise and decades of experience, SARA’s shielded doors and cabinets offer solutions that exceed the most stringent military standards. Our highly experienced HEMP protection experts have designed a line of RF shielded doors, cabinets, and enclosures that represent the perfect balance between performance, maintainability, and affordability. Combining exceptional performance with a lightweight scalable design, SARA manufactured RF shielded doors and cabinets are built to meet your needs. 

  • MIL-STD-188-125 compliant
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Straightforward to maintain
  • Cost competitive

Select from a standard array of cabinet and door configurations, or for more specialized applications, completely customized enclosures of up to 8’ x 8’ x 10’. Optional maintenance

plans, derived from in-house life cycle testing, are also available. We are willing to work with you to offer maintenance plans that fit your needs and your budget. Tell us about your project to see how we can provide the enclosure or door you need.

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Shielded Enclosures

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Shielded Doors:

SARA’s shielded doors are simple to install and maintain, ensuring the effectiveness of the enclosure. SARA offers an extremely lightweight door with proven shielding effectiveness (SE) performance. Extraction force of SARA doors is typically less than half of competitor doors of similar size.

customized shielded enclosure for science and research

Customized Shielded Enclosures:

SARA can provide a custom sized shielded enclosure built to your specifications for your mission critical network and/or communications equipment up to 8’ x 8’ x 10’. Shielded enclosures can be provided with power filters upon request.The enclosures are certified to MIL-STD-188-125-1/2. Our expert team of test engineers perform verification testing including both Appendix A and B. Test report data is supplied with cabinets, shelters, and/or doors.

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Portable Cabinets:

SARA also supplies portable cabinets available for desks or workbenches. Portable carts and platforms can be provided for maneuverability. Each cabinet is SE tested up to 1 GHz. These enclosures facilitate effective shielding performance but are light enough to ship and hand carry to your destination. Products are available as small as 7RU in a 19” or 23” rack form factor.