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Switch Technology for Precision Energy Delivery

SARA’s switch technology enables precision energy delivery. From high-power spark gaps to laser triggered high-power semiconductor switches, we can customize solutions to meet your needs. We have extensive experience with MOSFETs, SCRs, IGBTs, photoconductive switches, spark gaps, thyratrons, and much more. 

Our capabilities support repetition rates from 1s of Hz to 100s of kHz in the most energy dense form factors available. Our high-power semiconductor switch assemblies are capable of switching 100s of kV and 1000s of amps with minimal losses.

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  • Compact pulsers for Testing EMP/EMI/EMC
  • Rail guns, lasers, arc welders, semiconductor processing equipment, and more.
  • Medical Applications including lithotripsy and cell electroporation
  • Environmental waste processing for water and emissions
  • Pulse Forming Networks
  • HPM Components & Systems


  • Custom power modules including single device and multi-chip modules
  • Integrated custom thermal management
  • Integrated gate drive functionality
  • Designed to fit form and function of applications
    • SWaP optimized
    • Electrothermal optimized
  • In-house electrothermal simulation and design validation
    • Designs up to 15-kV and multiple kA per module
    • Custom gate drive designs
  • Switching solutions can be paired with SARA custom capacitors and resistors for protection.
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Switch Technology
for Precision
Energy Delivery

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