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SARA can provide an array of fast and flexible solutions for mission critical applications for commercial and government requirements.

Our manufacturing services support high-tolerance, complex electronic assemblies requiring mil-std and ISO9001 compliance. We also work directly with customers to develop brand new products and capabilities with rapid delivery and/or complex integration requirements. By defining the problems, preparing potential solutions, designing and characterizing prototypes, and carrying the design into manufacturing, SARA can provide end-to-end delivery of mission critical solutions uniquely tailored to the requirements of each customer.

One particularly unique capability that SARA provides is complete in-house design, testing and fabrication capabilities. SARA regularly provides integrated rapid electromechanical design and development. Our teams collaborate to tightly couple mechanical and electrical design and modeling to enable rapid design optimization before parts are ordered. The unlimited flexibility of model space allows our teams to visualize systems from the smallest detail to entire assemblies.

Throughout the design process and into production, we have certified PCB assembly specialists and automated pick-and-place equipment to populate circuits and rapidly move to test, validation, and characterization. Combining these capabilities, with a full-function, in-house machine shop opens the door to the fast and flexible system design and manufacturing SARA’s customers can count on. 

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