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Directed Energy

Directed Energy Capabilities

SARA’ s Directed Energy team delivers unique system and component solutions to a broad range of customer applications and requirements.

Our programs and products today serve our defenders and providers in various crucial missions. Our experienced team of scientists, engineers, and technicians specialize in rapidly transforming innovative pulsed-power concepts into tangible, versatile, and real-world solutions. SARA carefully works with each customer to understand the priorities and requirements for each project to balance cost, schedule, and other system factors such as prime power, size, complexity, and service life. SARA has extensive experience building high-voltage, high-current, and high-energy pulsed power systems. SARA can optimize every aspect of our solutions to meet customer requirements ranging from specific geometric constraints, unparalleled power density and performance, lifetime, and low cost to provide a simple and easy to use system. 

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  • Burst mode high-voltage, direct current power supplies
  • Pulse generators and modulators
  • High-power microwave (HPM) sources and antennas
  • Compact, gas insulated Marx generators
  • L-C or Blumlein oscillators
  • Pulse forming networks (PFNs) & transmission lines
  • Pulse transformers
  • Trigger generators
  • Particle accelerator componentry


  •  10 kJ/sec, ±50 kV rapid capacitor charging power supplies with protection modules
  • 400 kV (into a matched load), 200 ns pulsewidth (FWHM), 20 ns risetime (10%-90%), gas insulated Marx generator
  • 250 kV (into a matched load), gas insulated, type A PFN with ±1% flat top for 600 ns
  • Vircator test system (VTS) that provides narrowband waveforms in L-, S-, and C-bands at power levels up to 100 MW and pulse repetition frequencies of 500 Hz
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Transforming innovative pulsed-power
concepts into tangible, versatile,
and real-world solutions.

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