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DAA-PANCAS over field


PANCAS is SARA’s cutting-edge passive acoustic non-cooperative collision avoidance system.

PANCAS  is a detect and avoid (DAA) system based on passive acoustic surveillance of airspace surrounding a host uncrewed aircraft system (UAS). PANCAS is remarkably low-SWaP (size, weight and power), provides full360 degree airspace surveillance, and advises evasive maneuvers to resolve potential airspace conflicts.

PANCAS microphone probes are mounted on the leading edge of each wing and connect to an airborne processor hosting advanced algorithms to passively surveil airspace, track airspace conflicts and advise evasive maneuvers when necessary. SARA uses a patented approach to physically reduce flow noise (that sound you hear when you put your ear toward the wind), and state-of-the-art adaptive noise cancellation software to remove noise from the host UAS propeller and engine.

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PANCAS --The Tailored BVLOS
Solution for Your Fleet 



PANCAS offers many advantages over other airborne DAA technologies.
  • Long-range detection
  • All weather capability
  • Operates day or night and in low visibility
  • Listens in all directions simultaneously
  • Extremely low SWaP
  • Passive detection with no radio emissions
  • Demonstrated path to secure FAA BVLOS waivers to operate in the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS)

In 2018, the FAA’s UAS Pathfinder program identified PANCAS as the first non-cooperative aircraft sensor that satisfies emerging requirements. To read the comments from this report in the FAA Pathfinder Focus Area 2, Phase 3 report, please see faapathfinderreport.com page 7 (item 3.), and page 38 (fourth full paragraph).

In 2019 PANCAS passed extensive evaluation by the Air Force Test Pilot School and in 2021, received recommendations following fleet evaluation with the US Navy. In 2021 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded flight tests using PANCAS that demonstrated PANCASTM’s ability to meet ASTM requirements for detect and avoid (DAA). In 2023 the FAA approved beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations (BVLOS) for the RQ-20 Puma equipped with PANCAS.

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Watch PANCAS detect and automatically divert in recent test

This is the SARA PANCAS operating on the L3Harris FVR-90 during a recent overwater flight test event. The PANCAS detects an approaching aircraft and automatically diverts the aircraft to maintain positive separation. 

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PANCAS consistently detects aircraft before ground observers see or hear anything

See a video from PANCAS testing during the FAA Pathfinder program. A Cessna approached at an undisclosed time and location. Above the camera’s position was a UAS equipped with PANCAS (not in view). PANCAS detected the incoming Cessna well before humans could hear or see the aircraft, as indicated in the status at the bottom of the screen.

How long do you hear the aircraft before it becomes visible?

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