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RF Sensors and Seekers

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SARA products feature radio frequency (RF), passive detection, geolocation, and homing capabilities.

SARA has pioneered the development of small, low-cost, lightweight, low-power,  high-accuracy radio frequency direction finding systems for airborne and ground systems, including homing seekers and geolocation systems. Our capabilities and expertise incorporate Systems Engineering, Modeling, Design & Development, Integration & Testing to include environmental, EMI, EMC and RF Chamber testing; and Field & Flight
testing from planning to test direction and analysis.

SARA Products and Capabilities
  • RF Homing Seekers  (Low SWaP & Low Cost)
  • Seeker Emulators  (Bench Support, HIL Support)
  • RF Sensor Systems  (Detection & Geolocation)
  • RF Antenna Design & Development
  • Advanced Broadband Design & Development
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SARA RF passive systems deliver low-cost state-of-the-art solutions.

SARA Home on Jammer (HOJ) Passive RF Seekers have been demonstrated in tactical environments on multiple weapon platforms. Recently, SARA won a contract awarded by the U.S. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) for the acquisition of Home-on GPS Jam Seekers and the integration of extended range seekers into existing Joint Direct Attack Munition wing kits. Read all about it here. 

  • Low Size, Weight, & Power
  • WOSA & AFSIM Compliance
  • Utilizes A Common Munition Interface
  • High TRL Fixed, Mobile, Ground, & Airborne Applications
  • Environmentally Rugged Mil-spec Compliant Solid State (No Moving Parts)
  • Receiver Processor Multiple Band Capability Design Supports Bands Of Interest
  • Extensively Modeled Against A Wide Variety Of Enemy Laydowns & Engagement Scenarios
  • Integrated Into A Collaborative Swarming Tactical Munition
  • Supports Airborne Or Ground Based Situational Awareness
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aircraft photos seekers

RF Sensor Products

equipment product 1

SARA RF Homing Seeker

Applications: Integrated onto a variety of Weapon and UAS Platforms

Features and Specifications:

  • Sensor type: passive, receive only
  • Operating bands: GPS L1 and/or L2, Link 16, S-band, and other bands of interest
  • Nominal voltage: 28.0 VDC
  • Operating voltage range: 19.2 to 34.0 VDC
  • Current at 28.0 VDC: O.40 Amps ± 0.05
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.


equipment product 5 sara

SARA HOJ GPS Seeker Emulator

Applications: supports software interface and HIL integration

Description and Collaborative SDB PN 50-100304:

  • Emulates Home on GPS Jammer Seeker: L1 &L2
  • External Communications: RS-422
  • Maximum Number of EMitters per Band: 1
  • Present Jammer Antenna Patterns: 4
  • Present Seeker Antenna Patterns: 1
equipment product 3

Seeker Emulator

Applications: WOSA compliant software interface and HIL integration capability.

Description and Part Number PN 52-100200:

  • Emulates Home on GPS Jammer Seeker : L1&L2
  • Emulates Microwave Seeker: 13 bands
  • Use-modifiable Seeker’s RF Specification: Yes
  • WOSA Compliant: Yes
  • External Communications: Ethernet
  • Maximum Number of Emitters per Band: 50
  • Preset Jammer Antenna Patterns: 5
  • User-defined Jammer Antenna Patterns: Yes
  • Present Seeker Antenna Patterns: 1
  • User-defined Seeker Antenna Patterns: Yes
  • Supports future upgrades for “other” seekers: Yes
  • Bench or Rack Mountable: Yes
test equipment in use

RF Detection and Geolocation

Applications: Ground-based jammer detection and geolocation awareness for borders, facilities, and other protected perimeters. 

MAGPIE: Jammer Detection, Jammer Geolocation, Ground Based, Fixed

  • Monitoring for Advanced Geolocation Processing and Interference Exploitation” (MAGPIE)
  • Data from multiple nodes can be combined by the end user to geolocate and identify each jammer
  • Facilitate the location of GPS jamming sources by providing a GPS jammer direction-finding capability
  • Technology supports airborne applications
equipment product 2

Low-Cost GPS Detection and Pointing

Applications: Automotive and airborne or fixed at airfields and border terminals.

Hammerhead: Jammer Detection, Jammer Direction Finding, Vehicle-based, Mobile, Port of entry, Fixed

  • Provides the capability to detect electromagnetic radiating sources in the GPS spectrum (i.e., GPS jammers)
  • Provides a GPS jammer direction-finding capability

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