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InnovationSARA’s Innovation group is a small team of talented researchers focused on incubating nascent and emerging technologies, with the goal of both supporting America’s warfighters abroad, and protecting its borders and civilians from existing and emerging, foreign and domestic, threats. We bring future capabilities into the present so our armed service members can protect themselves better and do their jobs more effectively. SARA’s new-technology developers routinely face and address challenges inherent in pushing science frontiers. The team consists of physicists and engineers who, among other things, develop high-speed switches for flash-blindness protection; design impulse charges to brake anything from mortar shells to hypersonic missiles; invent groundbreaking stand-off methods for detecting explosives, drugs and chem/bio weapons; improve upon ultra-low-noise sensors detecting anything from DC to daylight; develop systems capable of peering through opaque surfaces to see what (or who) might be lurking behind them; and envision model-informed solutions to characterize anything from warfighter mission threats to where best to put microphones in a field to capture the sound profile of an unmanned air platform. Our team of innovators detangle multi-disciplinary, and often conflicting, system requirements to make products that perform as advertised, leaving customers satisfied and coming back for more.  SARA’s Innovation team supports low- and mid-TRL technologies that fuel existing business roadmaps, serves as an incubator for future business roadmaps; leverages higher TRL technologies into new areas; support long-standing customers in critical technologies; and operates as a nursery for the occasional wild-hair “high-risk, high-reward” idea.  We invite you into our Innovation portfolio below, for a closer look at SARA’s broader capabilities. 

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