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DAA TASA aircraft sensor on field


TASA offers many advantages over other airborne DAA technologies.

SARA’s Terrestrial Acoustic Sensor Array (TASA) is an internet of things (iOT) based network of acoustic phased array systems for detecting aircraft that provide safe integration of autonomous unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) into national airspace. TASA  detects aircraft, classifies collision threats and commands evasive maneuvers when needed so that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) without a human pilot or observers. Based on passive acoustic airspace surveillance, TASA can detect aircraft even when line‑of‑sight is obscured by trees, buildings, and terrain features. This makes TASA ideal for monitoring the low‑altitude airspace that will comprise the majority of operations for the ‘drone‑econonmy.’ Combining patented microphone technology and advanced artificial intelligence, a single TASA node detects aircraft bearing, estimates range, and determines aircraft collision threat status over a full 360º field‑of‑regard. Each TASA node is low power and capable of indefinite operation using solar, thus requiring almost no site improvement nor the associated costs. As an iOT network of sensors,TASA can provide low‑cost airspace integration over virtually limitless areas.

  • Robust passive acoustic surveillance does not require line-of-sight
  • Very rugged to environmental conditions and low maintenance
  • No RADAR emissions and no FCC license required
  • Functions in light, dark, or cloudy conditions
  • Ubiquitous LTE-cellular to-the-cloud comms
  • 15-Watt system—line power, solar, or battery
  • Easily scalable, with lowest total cost for deployment and operation.
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 TASA --The Scalable
DAA Solution for Your
BVLOS Drone Operations

TASA meets ASTM Detect and Avoid Performance Standards and has received many FAA Part 107 waivers to operate BVLOS. SARA can provide full assistance throughout the FAA waiver process, so that you can get your drone business up and flying. SARA provides:

  • Safety case and risk case development, system customization, data generation and documentation, testing, application filing and follow-up.
  • Reputation and relationships built through 35+ years in this industry provide clients with the best qualified team.
  • TASA received the nation’ first approval for fully autonomous UAS operations in January 2021 and has since continued to lead the industry in approved autonomous operations.

SARA’s acoustic sense and avoid systems are enabling BVLOS flights for a broad array of commercial, civil authority, and military applications. To date, TASA has accrued over 200,000 operational hours.

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