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EM & Circuit Modeling

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Electromagnetic and Circuit Modeling

Highly skilled members of SARA’s Electromagnetic and Circuit Modeling team analyze custom pulsed power solutions designed to meet your specific needs. 

SARA utilizes a variety of electromagnetic and circuit modeling tools to aid and optimize from system concepts to full production. Advanced full wave electromagnetic and lumped element modeling, coupled with our high-performance simulations, provide an excellent platform for robust and advanced solutions to complex requirements. 

Tell us about your project to find specific modeling approaches that SARA could apply to your challenges.

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  • Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Fields, Hardening, and EMI Shielding
  • Rail Guns, Lasers, Arc Welders, Semiconductor Processing Equipment, and More
  • Low Profile, Conformal, and Compact HPM/RF Antennas & Mode Converters
  • Pulsed Power, AC and DC Power Conversion, and Power Electronics Solutions
  • High-Voltage Power Equipment, Switchgear, and Substations
  • AC Power Systems, EM Compatibility, Susceptibility, Immunity, and Power Quality
  • Medical Applications Including Lithotripsy, Cell Electroporation, and Pulsed Field Ablation
  • Environmental Waste Processing Applications Including Water and Emissions
  • Fluids and Flow, Vibration, Heat Transfer, Acoustics, and More
  • Prototyping, Proof of Concept, Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing, Real-time Simulation


SARA’s modeling solutions are customized and optimized for each application, leveraging the latest in custom and commercially available analysis tools. SARA’s expert consultant teams are available to analyze and solve your problems, or to prototype, design, and build your next high-performance solution. Please contact us with inquiries in modeling or consulting services at modeling@sara.com. We are recognized as an industry leader in finite element modeling and multi-physics simulation, click the COMSOL certified consultant logo to learn more.

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