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Testing Capabilities

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Test Capabilities

SARA, Inc. RF has a wide range of testing capabilities including Anechoic Chamber Testing, EMI/EMC Testing up to Mil-Spec, and Environmental Testing up to Mil-Spec with Thermal, Humidity, Vibration, and Shock.

RF Antenna Design, Development, Test, and Characterization Capabilities

  • RF Antenna design
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • RF Antenna anechoic chamber testing and characterization
    • Bench
    • Environmental
    • RF Anechoic Chamber Testing
  • Broadband antenna development

Field & Flight Test Operation

  • CONOP development
  • Test planning & approval
  • Test plan working group (TPWG)
  • Test range / facility coordination
  • Test direction & test support
  • Test execution & data collection
  • Data analysis & reporting
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