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SARA produces high energy density capacitors as compact energy storage for a variety of pulsed power systems from low inductance (supporting rise times of nanoseconds) to high capacitance (storing 100s of kilojoules). These have been developed & produced even in low quantities - to optimize performance for our customers against their specific requirements. Our capacitors are customizable and have been continuously proven through iterative design and testing to ensure optimum design and maximum performance for each application. SARA capacitors employ metalized film technology for high voltage/high peak current application. Capacitors are air insulated, making them light weight. Their SARA-unique electrode design and specialized end spray technique, make these capacitors some of the highest voltage, lowest inductance, highest peak current capacitors in their class. These capacitors are highly specialized for user applications and can be tested with realistic waveforms for accelerated lifetime all within SARAs test facilities. SARA does not merely deliver a product; we pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to provide a solution that meets their needs and often exceeds their expectations.

We can make the cap you need

To discuss specific customizations and/or special quantities that SARA could provide you for your capacitor applications, please contact us.


HPM Components & Systems (Prime Power, Pulse Modulators, Sources, Antennas, Systems integration & Diagnostics

Pulse Forming Networks


Customized and optimized for each application, latest in custom and commercially available components

State-of-the-art using the best commercially available materials

Reliable and proven through accelerated lifetime and environmental testing

Rapid Prototyping


Three of SARA’s Off-the-shelf capacitors.