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SARA has made a breakthrough in the area of compact, very low cost (1/10th the production cost of prior-generation systems), solid state (no moving parts) sensors and seekers designed to detect, point toward and enable guidance and/or geolocation to sources that radiate radio frequency (RF) energy. Our seekers use a common munition interface which provides a rapid, low cost integration solution. SARA’s “Home on Jam” (HOJ) family of seekers have been demonstrated in multiple captive and live-fire /free-flight tests. Should an enemy strive to complicate the battlefield by stray or competitive RF energy, SARA’s HOJ subsystems can enable a host guided bomb or missile to engage it as the system or operator might prefer. SARA’s seekers have been demonstrated on front-line US weapons launched from front-line US aircraft, and extensively modeled against a wide-variety of enemy lay-downs and engagement approaches.

To discuss specific RF Homing Seeker Solutions that SARA could provide you for your applications, please contact us.