SARA is uniquely equipped to deliver disruptive and innovative solutions by rapidly transforming nascent technologies into tangible and achievable product designs. In the areas of High-Power Microwave, SARA specializes in numerical and physical modeling, analysis and simulation, prototype fabrication and test, and full subsystem verification of HPM antenna concepts. SARA has successfully developed and tested numerous designs, including lightweight foldable antennae, steerable and twistable beam apertures, and highly conformable, distributed and low-profile tactical solutions. SARA’s growing family of forward-traveling, fast-wave, leaky-wave HPM antennas demonstrates the tremendous potential and utility of HPM in a variety of industries, including tactical Directed Energy weapons. Law Enforcement, and fossil fuel exploration and extraction.

Gigawatt-class FAWSEA antenna: U.S. Patent #7,528,786


01 Extreme peak power – up to multi-gigawatts
02 Flat and curved platform-conforming designs
03 Highly compact: may be install into compact ground and airborne platforms
04 Highly customizable areas and aspect ratios
05 Low profiles (as shallow as ~0.43 λ0)
06 High gain & high aperture efficiency
07 Bandwidth within 10% relative to centerband frequency
08 Off-broadside beam (scans with frequency)
09 Proven in lab tests at power levels exceeding one gigawatt