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About SARA


Our Mission

“To perform state-of-the-art research in technical areas with high potential both in scientific achievement and market impact; and to transform the developed technologies into successful products and services for clients in the private sector, and government”

SARA, Inc. Sign and Locations

Our Company

Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA), Inc., was formed in 1989 to harness the creativity, innovation and entrepreneur spirit of engineers and scientists. SARA, Inc. is employee-owned and is managed by leaders that each has 20-30 years experience in Defense and Aerospace. SARA is nearly 100 innovative scientists and engineers doing research and development for government, military, and industrial clients. At SARA we have amassed just the right mix of talent, experience, eager youngsters and knowledge to sustain multi-disciplinary work on several innovative lines of research.

Scientific Applications & Research Associates Inc., is headquartered in Cypress, California, just south of Los Angeles. We have engineering offices with lab facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Waterbury, Connecticut as well as at our headquarters in California. SARA has remote offices in Washington, D.C.; Seattle, Washington; Rosemont, Minnesota; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Tyler, Texas.

Our People

SARA's biggest asset is its people. Almost 3/4 of our technical staff has advanced degrees in engineering or physics from places like MIT, University of California, University of Illinois, SUNY, Georgia Tech and Stanford, yielding an attractive balance of PhD's, old codgers and young chargers. (We even have a few old codger chargers). The company is led by persons with extensive experience and training at upper levels of major defense contractors, including Northrop, Raytheon, TRW and Boeing, as well as experience as government PMs at places like DSWA (now DTRA) & the Pentagon. SARA programs/technical leadership includes several Manager/PMs, each of which has at least 25 years in the industry. SARA is principally advised by retired industry experts; one General-managed divisions of North American/Rockwell and Northrop, another directed technology development for 30 years at China Lake for the Navy. Our full staff's credentials are also quite eclectic, spanning the major disciplines of electrical, mechanical, software, aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, electronic, chemical and systems engineering as well as plasma physics. Our careers have achieved distinguished specialties in Acoustics, Electromagnetics, RF devices, UAV's, Real-time Signal processing and Lasers with applications to Sensing, Directed Energy, Hardening, Non-Lethal Weapons, Precision Weapons and Power Generation applications.

Our People

Some of our customers seals

Our Customers

In many respects SARA, Inc. is more like a special projects division of a large defense contractor without the overhead and inertia of such large defense contractors. We have a proven track record in taking on challenging projects, studying tough problems, researching innovative solutions, and building practical applications. We currently serve the following organizations and industries:

  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • US Air Force
  • US Marines
  • US Coast Guard
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • NASA
  • Aerospace industry prime contractors


Our Core Specialties

SARA has world-class expertise in understanding, modeling, fabricating, testing and adapting the following:

  • High power EM (EMP and HPM) transmission, propagation, detection, diagnosing and shielding/hardening
  • Low signal level EM and RF sensing and signal processing, including passive EM detecting, EMI/EMC and special RADAR applications
  • High power Atmospheric Acoustic transmission, propagation and compact generation
  • Low signal level Atmospheric acoustic detection and processing from airborne and/or ground-moving platforms
  • Autonomous iterative-hypothesis, sensor control and adaptive interpretation (including multi-sensor, multi-platform fusion)
  • Novel/patented Electromagnetic and Chemical Engineering methodologies for non-traditional electricity generation (including Coal-based fuel cells and Ocean Wave energy capture)


Our Experience

Our technologists - both at SARA and previously - have integrated equipment onto, and conducted tests on a wide variety of manned and unmanned aircraft - from the B-2 bomber and supersonic fighters, to various missiles and helicopters, to ultra-high flying UAVs, to several different man-portable (backpackable) UAVs. Testing has been coordinated by our personnel at everything from remote, non-instrumented "open fields" to intense security environs (such as NTS), to world class test ranges (such as China Lake, White Sands or Eglin AFB).

TREM head
High Energy Laser TREM

SARA can (and its key staff has previously shown that it can) pull together complex projects, staff it with just the right number and time of SARA technologists, merge the skills of professionals from government labs and other contractors, collaborate with government lab and program staff to build & "sell" the DoD program, then superintend the team through challenging integration, test, analyze, fix, retest, adapt and deliver phases for projects anywhere from early development to operational fielding.

Our Collaborations and Subcontract Pass-throughs

Subcontracts, working groups and other pass-throughs are handled with experience at SARA, and are also very cost-effective. Our leaders have directed major efforts by major subcontractors (as large as a $100 Million effort executed on subcontract by Raytheon) and have run competitive multi-$million source selections. We have been successful at spearheading contractually unaligned collaborations of government and industry personnel, such as formal IPTs, informational associations or even crucial project-oriented working groups (common mission - no common funding). At SARA subcontracted and/or IPT efforts are also quite affordable, since SARA's DCAA-approved rate structure applies NO OVERHEAD to subcontracted work and no overhead to material or ODC.