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Remote Controlled Small Robotics


The Technology

SARA's approach to the development of small remotely controlled mobile robotics makes use of a standardized electronic hardware design we call CORTEX.

CORTEX is a standardized motion control electronics module core that allows easy integration into existing robot platforms. It provides interface to a robot Operator Control Unit and repeater. It provides motor controllers for all robot drives. It handles robots of any size and complexity. It provides a network of multiple controller cores for larger or more complex robots. It provides TCP/IP communications protocol.

cortex module
SARA's motion control module, CORTEX.

CORTEX is developed and in use on a number of robotic platforms:

Titan EOD – A low-cost, small robot for inspection and disarming of explosive charges. Titan EOD is capable of inspecting and firing a charge disruptor to open containers and disable explosive charges using water and shot charges. More information about the Titan EOD.

Cyclops – A compact robot capable of maneuvering over rough terrain and climbing city curbs, while maintaining a low profile and the ability to maneuver under vehicles.