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Dynamic Pressure Transducer Calibrator


The Technology

Dynamic pressure transducers are used to measure flow turbulence and aeroacoustic loads in a wide range of aerospace and laboratory applications. These tasks entail long and difficult calibrations involving a signal generator, power amplifier, and acoustic source operating in an anechoic chamber.

SARA has developed a portable, computer-controlled acoustic source capable of automatically calibrating the gain vs. frequency of a surface-mounted dynamic pressure transducer in minutes. The acoustic source (power amplifier, compression driver, and wave-guide interface) is housed in a rugged carrying case and operates on standard 120-volt DC power. A laptop computer running SARACAL™ software automatically provides the control inputs to the acoustic source, displays the transducer time series data and output as a function of frequency in real time, and records the calibration data for future use.

Pressure Calibrator
Dynamic Pressure Transducer Calibrator

The Applications

SARA’S Dynamic Pressure Transducer Calibrator has a wide range of aerospace and laboratory applications. Some examples:

  • Wind tunnel tests
  • Cavity aeroacoustics
  • Inlet/airframe tests
  • Structural loads measurement

Flight tests

  • Cavity aeroacoustics
  • Structural loads tests
  • Weapons integration/separation tests

The Advantages

  • SARA’s Dynamic Pressure Transducer Calibrator provides the capability to validate and calibrate surface-mounted dynamic-pressure transducers quickly and easily.
  • Users can tailor the calibration frequency range between 500 Hz and 5 KHz in 100 Hz increments.
  • It has a variable output pressure of up to 150 dBSPL