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High-power Microwave (HPM) Antennas


The Technology

SARA's compact, lightweight, foldable, and highly steerable antenna is the first of its kind to leverage transreflector and twistreflector technology in a high-power microwave (HPM) capable configuration. This antenna is unequalled in both the swath and rapidity of its beam steering, supporting DEW engagements with moving targets both on the ground and in the air. The R&D work that led to this technology was funded by the US Army (ARL). It was awarded US Patent # 6,559,807, in May 2003.

HPM antenna
The world's first fully-steerable HPM antenna

The Applications

Applications of SARA's rapidly-steerable HPM antenna technology include:

  • Non-lethal ground-based and airborne vehicle stopping
  • Remote interruption of operation of enemy electronic-bearing systems

The Advantages

SARA's steerable HPM antenna brings a number of advantages:

  • Operation at peak > 100 MW, with a waveguide feed
  • Designed for L-band operation. Designs for other bands can be prepared
  • G ~ 29 dBi, delivering high-power density on distant targets
  • Vertically polarized, pencil-beam output
  • Steerability: +/- 90° azimuth, +38°/-20° elevation
  • Experimentally validated performance