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Multi-Function Grenade (MFG)


The Technology

SARA first developed the multi-function grenade (MFG) for use in the U.S. Marine Corps’ Clear-A-Space District Deny program. The grenade gives a loud sound at the maximum OSHA levels and a flashblinding light at the maximum ANSI levels.

MFG also emits distraction sparks, malodors, riot-control agents, and stingballs, and other distraction components can be added. Among Stingball options are commercially available stinger grenades, the MFG Stingball package, and new Stingball options that run continuously for multiple seconds.

The 66 mm grenade can be hand thrown or rendered by standoff delivery.

Multi-Function Grenade
MFG shown without and with stingballs

The Applications

SARA’s multifunctional grenade can be applied in numerous ways in both civilian and military situations. Among them are the following:

  • MOUT (military operations in urban terrain)
  • OOTW (operations other than war)
  • Clear-A-Space
  • Area denial to personnel
  • Special operations
  • Crowd and riot control
    Other law enforcement
    Departments of Corrections

The Advantages

SARA’s multi-function grenade is reconfigurable for multiple users and can be applied by any branch of the armed forces, as well as the Coast Guard, departments of Corrections, and law enforcement agencies.

US Patent #6,543,364