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Laser Dazzlers


The Technology

MultiWaveLength dazzler

  • Vary parameters to prevent target from adapting.
  • Small, versatile system, will not interfere with ability to carry gun or other non-lethals.
  • The unit can be hand-held or mounted on a vehicle.
  • System is always eye safe and adjusts intensity levels based on range to the target.

Dazzler Case
The MultiWaveLength dazzler case

The Applications

  • Riot Control
  • Border Patrol
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Area Denial/Access Delay
  • MANPAD Targeting and interference

The Advantages

  • Deny combatants ability to continue with intended mission.
  • As target is dazzled, it will be difficult to aim a gun, throw projectiles, etc.
  • Interfere with individuals to provide time to fire non-lethal rounds or to advance on and subdue combatants.
  • Sponsored by the National Institute of Justice.